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Established in 1991, the TNB Drama School offers a 3-year degree program for aspiring actors. 

The annual intake included  a single class of 20 students aged 18 to 30, admitted on the basis of a selective entry examination. Upon his arrival, the new director, Arthur Nauzyciel, initiated an academic reform of the TNB Drama School, beginning with the class of 2018.


For the first time, the TNB director holds responsibility for both entities: the theater and the school. Thus, with an actor / stage director in charge, it is possible to provide both entities with a shared, coherent artistic project. Fully integrated into TNB as a whole, the TNB Drama School is conceived around a group of 27 associate artists. Its training aims to develop multidisciplinary performers open to the international field.


Three main focuses have characterised each year of training:

– First year, a study of the foundations of acting and an introduction to the creation process;

– Second, the creation of a repertoire performed in public through the project ‘Une saison à l’École’;

– Third year, opening beyond the four walls of the school, an individual programme of international mobility (with study trips or workshops overseas) plus the creation of large-scale works presented to the public.


In 2021, the school recruited its eleventh intake. The auditions took place in the first semester of 2021 and training started in September 2021.


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Photo: 11th promotion, 2021 © Gwendal Le Flem