Théâtre National de Bretagne
Direction Arthur Nauzyciel



23 nov
— 26 nov 2022




Festival TNB


A reinvention in music and verse of the myth of Psyche — the young mortal seduced by Cupid, to the great displeasure of his mother, the goddess Venus. 

In the theatre of artist, director and author Lazare, everything has a voice: humans, gods, animals, lamps, knives, the wind. In Cœur instamment dénudé the artist creates a phantasmagoria suffused with love and desire, but is careful to emancipate his fable from the original myth. History is ground together with modernity in the search for meaning. Psyche cultivates herself with Molière’s The School for Wives to discover life’s realities, Cupid repays the debt he owes to his mother by becoming a stripper, and Venus pursues Psyche in a convertible car in an attempt to run her over. On Earth, meanwhile, the robots have dethroned Rimbaud… Cœur instamment dénudé is a work that conceives theatre itself as a celebration, joyful and turbulent, of a life crossed by the imaginary and painted with the colours of dreams.

A graduate of the fourth class of the TNB Drama School, Lazare is an artist, director and improviser. With his company Vita Nova, he created a trilogy of works telling the story of a family split between France and Algeria (presented at TNB from 2009 to 2011). In 2019, he was at TNB again with the piece Je m’appelle Ismaël.