Théâtre National de Bretagne
Direction Arthur Nauzyciel



08 dec
— 22 dec 2021



Petit TNB

Production TNB

artiste associée

WED 08 12 6:00PM
THU 09 12 10:00AM
THU 09 12 2:30PM
FRI 10 12 7:00PM
SAT 11 12 3:00PM
TUE 14 12 2:30PM
TUE 14 12 7:00PM
WED 15 12 10:00AM
THU 16 12 2:30PM
FRI 17 12 7:00PM
SAT 18 12 3:00PM
TUE 21 12 7:00PM
WED 22 12 2:30PM
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3 Martians arrive in the room of a sleeping child. There are boxes lying everywhere. Inside are unknown objects that our three curious extraterrestrials begin to investigate. Above the bed, projected on a screen, images stream along showing the dreams of the child. Deer, lions, elephants, planets in the cosmos. Here, objects produce sounds and sounds evoke images. Uniting the 2 forms, this comic and dreamlike piece has been conceived by the artist Valérie Mréjen, who takes herself (and the audience) back to a reawakened childhood in which familiar things are transformed into a source of amazement. A mosaic of sounds creates the narrative, its sensations and emotions born from the sound effects, animated films, and the performers communicating in their Martian language. A unique chance to dive wide-eyed into an enchanted realm, the world as dreamed by a sleeping child.

A writer and visual artist, Valérie Mréjen is an associate artist at TNB. In 2018, she organised le Printemps du TNB, a special season dedicated to young audiences. In 2019, she worked with Albin de la Simone, another associate artist at TNB, to realise Le Carnaval des animaux, adapted from the work of Camille Saint-Saëns and made for young audiences.