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Patrick Boucheron

Patrick Boucheron


Historian and professor at the prestigious Collège de France, Patrick Boucheron holds the Chair « History of great powers in Western Europe from the XIIIth to the XVIth centuries”. His inaugural lesson, What History Can Do (Ce que peut l’histoire) in 2015, was very well received.

For this medievalist the profession of historian is the embodiment of a passion for transmission. Patrick Boucheron and Arthur Nauzyciel first met during the creation of Jan Karski (2011), a show based on Yannick Haenel’s acclaimed novel. In 2017, Patrick Boucheron edited a major collaborative work with Nicolas Delalande, Florian Mazel, Yann Potin and Pierre Singaravélou, titled Histoire mondiale de la France. The work renews and expands the historical record of the French national epic, resituating it in a global context. In La Ruée, the closing show of the 2018 TNB Festival, Boris Charmatz invited some forty artists to bring to life various chapters of the book. In 2019, Patrick Boucheron published La Trace et l’Aura, Vies posthumes d’Ambroise de Milan (IV-XVIe siècle)


Patrick Boucheron will be present again at the TNB for the third season with his conference series titled «Rencontrer l’Histoire» (Rendez-vous’s with History). The conferences enlarge on the season’s shows, investigating more closely some of the important themes marking the season. Last season’s themes included Histoire de la dette (A History of Debt) with Alex Lécuiller and Nicolas Delalande; L’Étrangère de Rousseau (Rousseau’s Stranger) with Mélanie Traversier and Thomas Cousseau; Nous les réfugiés (Refugees) with David Botbol; and Comment se révolter? (How to revolt) with Aurélie Charon for the TNB Spring (Printemps du TNB). No doubt the new season will offer more thought-provoking explorations of history in the making.