Albin de la Simone

Albin de la Simone


Author, composer, and performing artist, his 5 albums have given him a deserved reputation in French chanson circles. His creativity and talent produce a sensitive, unusual song, full of delightful charm and impish humor, while giving rise to a subtle melancholy. He has worked with such artistic greats as Alain Souchon, Vanessa Paradis, Keren Ann, Moissec and others, as an accompanist, arranger, and producer. He continues to pursue numerous projects and collaborations with writers and plastic artists. Since 2017 he has produced two concerts for the TNB: one with Keren Ann for the 2017 Festival and another based on music from his album L’Un de nous (2018); and in 2018, in residence with Valérie Mréjen, who wrote an original text, he adapted Camille Saint-Saëns’ Le Carnaval des animaux. He will return to the TNB in 2020 for Films Fantômes (Phantom Movies), a live performance, combining a concert and an exhibition.



→ Phantom Movies (2019/20)



→ The Carnival of the Animals