Saison TNB : Théâtre, musique, arts du cirque, danse


2010-2011 season

CAST tbc ARTISTIC COLLABORATION Giacomo Strada OBJECTS MADE BY Istvan Zimmermann, Giovanna Amoroso ORIGINAL MUSIC Scott Gibbons
PRODUCTION tbc ; Theater der Welt; De Singel / Antwerp; Théâtre National de Bretagne/Rennes; Nationaltheatret / Norway; Barbican London and SPILL Festival of Performance; Chekhov International Theatre Festival / Moscow; Holland Festival /Amsterdam; GREC 2011 Festival de Barcelona; Festival d’Avignon; Maribor 2012–European Capital of Culture; Miedzynarodowy Festival Dialog –Wroclaw / Poland; Berliner Festspiele: spielzeit’europa; Théâtre de la Ville / Paris; Romaeuropa Festival; Le Maillon – Théâtre de Strasbourg/Scène Européenne; Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio.

Théâtre Creation (ITALY)


Something quite extraordinary is happening: Romeo Castellucci is coming to Rennes to create. Invited to France for the first time in 1993 by François Le Pillouër and Marie-Odile Wald for Théâtre en Mai 1993, he has staged Genesi, Buchettino, XIV Crescita Prato and Storia dell’Africa Contemporanea at the TNB. The man who in Avignon in 2008 produced the memorable triptych Paradiso, Inferno, Purgatorio, a dense and very moving work, is coming to live and work in Rennes, bringing his style of writing for the stage that is actually invented on stage and offers access to another perception of reality.
After studying visual art in Bologna, Romeo Castellucci set up the Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio in 1981. Moving his team into an old ironworks, a space well suited to experimentation, Romeo Castellucci has developed an original performing art, transcending some forms of artistic expression but also the mechanics or fabrication of images. It concerns forging a “language of the stage” whose pertinence is revealed through an energy of bodies, the vital and concrete presence of material, movement and flesh as well as sound and visual elements. Romeo Castellucci’s productions are beyond the sensitive and produce explosions of meaning. A performance imposes itself like a journey that remains engraved in the sensorial memory of each and every one of us.
In this new work, Romeo Castellucci wishes to place certain human actions under the light of Jesus and will offer audiences an intense and profound experience, starting with the face of Jesus. This is something he needs to do after the searingly intense time he had with the major tragic figures in Dante’s extraordinary works.

from 15 to 19 March 2011

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TNB / Salle Vilar, durée 1h20

  • Tuesday 15 march 2011 at 20:00
  • Wednesday 16 march 2011 at 20:00
  • Thursday 17 march 2011 at 20:00
  • Friday 18 march 2011 at 20:00
  • Saturday 19 march 2011 at 20:00


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